IrishOn3 Launch Weekend!

This past weekend was the official launch of IrishOn3 for 2014-15! IrishOn3 is a Student Athlete Advisory Council initiative to encourage and reward student-athletes for supporting each other at Fighting Irish sporting events. To record points teams can tweet pictures of themselves at games to our account @NDIrishEyes. More Info HERE.

The weekend’s sporting events included the Cross Country National Catholic Championships and a Women’s Soccer match v UNC. There was an enormous amount of support! Check out some of the highlight tweets below:


Dear Shauna,

The normal college late night scene is not helping me find the woman of my dreams.  Whenever I call home my mother bothers me about grandchildren.  I told her I have no prospects and nowhere to look.   Valentine’s Day is approaching and I just want someone to buy gifts for.  Please help.


Lonely Hooper

Dear Lonely Hooper,

First and foremost, Valentine’s Day is simply a day observed to celebrate love and affection for anybody in your life, not just a significant other. Use Valentine’s Day as a time to appreciate how much love you share in your life. The void of a significant other is actually filled by many other important people all around you! 

All of these reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day are of course just supplement to the fact that your athletic instrument of a body does not need to intake the empty calories generated by Valentine’s Day.

 To end my rant, lets talk about your search for the right significant other.   You mention that the normal late night scene isn’t helping you find the woman of your dreams.  To follow up this claim, I have a few questions.   Do you think that you put your most impressive, valuable and unique self out there when you indulge in the late night scene?  Are you really able to see the true colors and individual personality of prospects when standing across a loud, noisy, sweaty environment forced to make small talk?  Are your dance moves good enough to gain attention, or are you gaining attention on the dance floor for less desirable reason?  I hope that these questions have you pondering if you have perhaps been looking for love in all the wrong places. 

I challenge you to put your dancing shoes aside, shelf the cologne for a night, and while in your favorite everyday, comfortable issue-gear, sitting in class gaining all the tools to push you towards a successful and prosperous life, look to your right and your left, in front of you and behind you, and see what you have been blinded from for months, possibly years!  Start conversation about things that actually interest you in a classroom setting, where conversation is more open and real.  Study dates and group projects are a great opportunity for you to put your cute and helpful side to the forefront.    A man with drive and intellect impresses women!  If the first steps go well, this will be the perfect road to success in the love department. 

On this February 14th, call your mother and tell her that you are saving your money on this Valentine’s Day to be able to spoil all of those grandchildren that are now somewhere in sight! 

Good luck Lonely Hooper.  Put it all out there, and welcome to the world of love.   


Shauna Pugliese is a Junior on the Notre Dame Women’s Lacrosse team. Submit your “Dear Shauna” questions to OR tweet to @NDIrishEyes #DearShauna.

IrishOn3 Opening Weekend

This past weekend kicked off IrishOn3, a Student Athlete Advisory Council initiative to encourage and reward student-athletes for supporting each other at Fighting Irish sporting events. To record points teams can tweet pictures of themselves at games to our account @NDIrishEyes. More Info HERE.

It was a huge opening weekend. Check out some of the highlight tweets below:

Remembering the Day We’ll Never Forget

September 11, 2001.

Twelve years have passed since that day, but it is not far from our memory. We remember the innocent victims in New York City and the Pentagon, as well as those who experienced that unimaginable loss. 

Thank you to the police, fire fighters, EMT’s and military who have given so much for the freedoms we were afforded that day, and every day since.  Life as we know it would be impossible if not for your courage and dedication to this great nation.

Thank you.

Fighting Irish Head Back to School

"Back to school, back to school, to show my dad I’m not a fool." - Billy Madison

With our backpacks zipped up tight and our lunchboxes filled with healthy snacks, we made our way back to Notre Dame’s beautiful campus to start another school year. Take a look at all our Back to School festivities…

ND Swimming & Diving #SignatureSeries

From Hockey to Men’s and Women’s Swimming & Diving, the #SignatureSeries rolls on! The Signature Series is sponsored by the Student-Athlete Advisory Council, who selected the top home meets of the spring semester and put together a super schedule in hopes of spurring huge student-athlete support at those games. 

Check out the crowd from yesterday’s Shamrock Invitational. 


Shout out to the students of Pasquerilla East Hall for the poster! 

Keep your Irish Eyes peeled for next week’s #SignatureSeries following the Meyo Invitational Track & Field meet. Go to support them on Saturday, February 2 in Loftus.