IrishOn3 Opening Weekend

This past weekend kicked off IrishOn3, a Student Athlete Advisory Council initiative to encourage and reward student-athletes for supporting each other at Fighting Irish sporting events. To record points teams can tweet pictures of themselves at games to our account @NDIrishEyes. More Info HERE.

It was a huge opening weekend. Check out some of the highlight tweets below:

President’s Corner vol. 1


Hey there Irish Eyes!

SAAC President Jes Christian (track & field) here, and I’m writing to let you all know that the past few weeks have been full of conversation about great opportunities for the council this year and for student-athletes as a whole!

imageA few weeks ago, I met up with the other SAAC officers to talk about what worked well last year, what didn’t, and what improvements we’re going to make moving forward. The topic about which reps had the most to say was The Signature Series, a project that SAAC took on in order to improve both student-athlete camaraderie as well as the attendance of all sporting events.

Though The Signature Series was a wonderful initiative, while reflecting on it, the SAAC officers and I were able to pinpoint a number of things to improve. We went to the drawing board and got to work on possible renovations.

Our goal is to unify the student-athletes and to emphasize that we are not only a part of 26 individual programs, but that we are all apart of one team: The Fighting Irish. As one unified group, we want to take on new and great opportunities together, whether they be community service or improving athletic event attendance and general support of fellow student-athletes.

Without revealing too much, just know that we are in talks with our on-campus adidas reps and are forging ahead with some exciting and wearable projects to be unveiled soon.

At our general SAAC meeting, Vice Prez Kayla McBride and I presented the Signature Series Revamp to the whole group. We touched on a lot of new and exciting but also very important ideas for SAAC this year, and I cant wait to kick things into full swing!

Go Irish,


ICYMI - Irish Eyes Weekend Recap

All sorts of notable and awesome things happened this weekend that didn’t garner enough attention in our opinion, so we’re collecting the goods and delivering them here:

Awesome thing #1 - ND Volleyball Super Fans

Notre Dame Women’s Soccer and Men’s Swim & Dive rolled out big time to support ND Volleyball as they took down Bowling Green. #ShirtlessDudesAndNinjaTurtles


strangest Alma Mater ever…


Awesome Thing #2 - Smash M.S.


(click picture for more pictures)

Notre Dame Men’s Basketball and Softball teams took to the court this weekend to support Men’s Tennis at their Smash MS tennis clinic. Shout out to Austin Burgett and Megan Sorlie for best performances.

Awesome Thing #3 - Oh Say Can You See…image

Megan Heeder, Notre Dame Track & Field/Cross Country student-athlete, sang the National Anthem at the Women’s Soccer game against Detroit. We’re not saying that it’s the reason they won, but it just so happens she did sing, and they did win, so.

ND Swimming & Diving #SignatureSeries

From Hockey to Men’s and Women’s Swimming & Diving, the #SignatureSeries rolls on! The Signature Series is sponsored by the Student-Athlete Advisory Council, who selected the top home meets of the spring semester and put together a super schedule in hopes of spurring huge student-athlete support at those games. 

Check out the crowd from yesterday’s Shamrock Invitational. 


Shout out to the students of Pasquerilla East Hall for the poster! 

Keep your Irish Eyes peeled for next week’s #SignatureSeries following the Meyo Invitational Track & Field meet. Go to support them on Saturday, February 2 in Loftus. 


Student-Athletes across campus were pumped about the first HUGE snowfall this semester. Through Irish Eyes decided to celebrate this “balmy” weather with a post dedicated to those who have to brave the elements to get through the day. 

Pre Snowpocalypse ND Rower, Greer Cully, treks from Joyce to the Gug… pantless? 11 degree highs ain’t got nothin on these rowers. 

After the snow hit, ND Track & Field athletes found.. and improvised… their own ways of getting across campus. 

And while we love our Notre Dame winters and wouldn’t trade our time here for anything else, it’s amazing how quickly some of us migrate to warmer temperatures. 

Take at look back at undeniably the funniest SAAC meeting of last semester, the inaugural Escrime Du Joyce at the brand new Castellan Family Fencing Center, home of the ND Fencing team.

You’ll see the likes of All American Swimmer Frank Dyer, Academic All American Mike Golic, Jr., and Soccer America Freshman of the Year Cari Roccaro in their fencing debut.