Step into the inner thoughts of collegiate swimmers reflecting on the sport that has defined their lives for years. Created as a Still Frame academic project for the University of Notre Dame by Notre Dame Men’s Swimmer, senior Colin Babcock. 

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IrishOn3 Week 2 Update

Week two brought in another flood of #IrishOn3 tweets and we saw our first leader board. Check out last week’s recap…


We even had some former student-athletes try to get in on the action…

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ICYMI - Irish Eyes Weekend Recap

All sorts of notable and awesome things happened this weekend that didn’t garner enough attention in our opinion, so we’re collecting the goods and delivering them here:

Awesome thing #1 - ND Volleyball Super Fans

Notre Dame Women’s Soccer and Men’s Swim & Dive rolled out big time to support ND Volleyball as they took down Bowling Green. #ShirtlessDudesAndNinjaTurtles


strangest Alma Mater ever…


Awesome Thing #2 - Smash M.S.


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Notre Dame Men’s Basketball and Softball teams took to the court this weekend to support Men’s Tennis at their Smash MS tennis clinic. Shout out to Austin Burgett and Megan Sorlie for best performances.

Awesome Thing #3 - Oh Say Can You See…image

Megan Heeder, Notre Dame Track & Field/Cross Country student-athlete, sang the National Anthem at the Women’s Soccer game against Detroit. We’re not saying that it’s the reason they won, but it just so happens she did sing, and they did win, so.

Grant & Max 1080° - Frank Dyer Saves a Boy! - Grant & Max interview Frank Dyer, men’s swimmer and LIFE SAVER, about his heroic adventure on the beach during the team’s winter training trip in Puerto Rico. 

SPEEDO WARNING: this video contains footage of men in minuscule swimwear.

Grant & Max 1080° is an exclusive interview series, part of “Through Irish Eyes” the Notre Dame student-athlete blog. Grant & Max, members of the Fighting Irish Men’s Soccer team, are not only known for their dapper style, but also their hard hitting, investigative journalism skills.